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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

When your organization has millions of vulnerabilities, how do you know which pose the greatest risk? Kenna Security uses data science to deliver risk-based vulnerability management across your infrastructure and applications.
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The Value of Focusing on Risk

Prioritize the
Right Vulnerabilities

<5% Have Exploits
The average enterprise can only patch 10% of their vulnerabilities in a month. Kenna ensures you handle the 5% that matter most.
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A Measured Response
Using Data Science 

13M Assets Protected
15.2B Security Events
55+ Data Sources
Using data science, Kenna Security ingests tens of billions of pieces of data, automatically analyzes this data, and shows you the risk of every vulnerability within seconds.
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Predict & Prevent 

94% Accuracy
Kenna Security’s exploit prediction forecasts the likelihood of weaponization as soon as new vulnerabilities are disclosed with 94% accuracy.
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Taking a Data Science Approach to Cyber Risk  


Analyzing tens of billions of pieces of security data to determine the risk score of each unique vulnerability, asset, and group of assets.


Enabling teams to prioritize and proactively manage the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk.


Accurately forecasting future weaponization and risk of new vulnerabilities the instant they’re disclosed.

Focus on Infrastructure 

Give security operations and IT teams the data to decide which infrastructure vulnerabilities they should remediate, when.
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Application Security

Empower your application security, development, and DevOps teams to accurately assess, track, and prioritize application vulnerabilities by risk.
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Prioritization to Prediction 

Volume 4: Measuring What Matters in Remediation

Prioritization <b>to Prediction</b> 
In collaboration with the Cyentia Institute, this research takes a look at qualitative survey data on vulnerability management practices with quantitative measures of actual remediation performance to reveal what contributes to high-performing vulnerability management programs.
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A 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor!

The products highlighted in this research help security and risk managers prioritize the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and the security events disclosed via monitoring activities, enabling more effective security investigation and response operations.

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Implement a Risk-Based Approach to 
Vulnerability Management

Find out an easier way to manage vulnerabilities that will both improve your organization’s security posture and give you confidence in your efforts.

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Solution Brief – The Kenna
Security Platform

A centralized platform for
collaboration and remediation
against cyber risk.

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ESG Lab Review – The Kenna 
Security Platform

IT analysts, ESG, conducted a test reviewing how the Kenna Security Platform enables cross-functionality so that organizations can prioritize risks.

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