Transforming Vulnerability Management

A tidal wave of vulnerabilities, but you can’t fix them all. Rely on extensive threat intel and patented prioritization to cut costs, save time, and keep your teams efficiently focused on reducing the biggest risks to your business. This is Modern Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.

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The benefits of Modern Vulnerability Management

We created Risk-Based Vulnerability Management software and now we’re defining the modern model


In our experience and full-stack, real-time view

14+ million
customer assets protected


With evidence-based guidance and predictive data science

12.7+ billion
managed vulnerabilities


Between Security and IT on priorities, actions, and measures

Teams empowered
to focus on strategic tasks

Why Kenna?

Helping industry leaders efficiently manage risk and cut costs

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“I’d recommend Kenna to a CISO that’s interested in moving beyond checking the compliance box for vulnerability management, and moving the needle on risk management.”
Jasper Ossentjuk
Chief Information Security Officer

Focus on risk with Modern Vulnerability Management


Remediate what matters most


Up-level application security


Access vital threat intel

Show your security and IT teams which infrastructure vulnerabilities they should remediate, when.

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Empower your AppSec, development, and DevOps teams to accurately assess, track, and prioritize application vulnerabilities by risk.

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Access to a comprehensive database of threat and exploit intelligence-enriched vulnerabilities to answer critical research questions.

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Latest vulnerability management research

Prioritization to Prediction

8: Measuring and Minimizing Exploitability

Our latest version reveals exploitability can be measured, and accurately measuring exploitability can help you minimize it.

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