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The home of Modern Vulnerability Management.

We pioneered risk-based vulnerability management, and now we’re doing the same for Modern Vulnerability Management.

What is Modern Vulnerability Management? It’s a new model for managing the right level of risk for your business. It provides clear prioritization based on real-time threat and exploit intelligence, and uses those insights to deliver guidance unique to your environment. And it eliminates the friction between Security and IT teams about what to patch, and when.

So you can save time, money and resources—and keep your teams efficiently focused on reducing the biggest risks to your business.


We’ve been inventing vulnerability management for a decade.

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Why do so many enterprises rely on Kenna Security?

It’s simple, really. Kenna Security saves you time and money, and helps your Security and IT teams work more efficiently. You reduce your risk, your teams stay aligned around clear priorities, and you make the most of budgets and resources.

reduction in time spent on remediation


reduction in reporting time


reduction in vulnerability investigation time

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Some of security’s brightest minds are creating new best practices with Kenna Security solutions.

Bring order to vulnerability chaos

"Kenna is a very flexible platform that empowers you to deliver accurate vulnerability information to the appropriate people, help them understand the risk, and bring stakeholders to the table to bring about remediation."

We’ve built a culture we can be proud of.

At Kenna Security, we make amazing things happen every day. That wouldn’t happen without our motivated team of deep thinkers, fast movers and problem solvers who all share our mission to help enterprises go about their business with a minimum of risk.

And yes, we have an awesome time doing it.

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The industry is taking notice.

Creating a new market tends to get people’s attention. (That’s cool. We’re comfortable with it.)

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