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Caroline Japic
Chief Marketing Officer
When she's not watching (or writing about) soccer, Caroline is leading a team of cracker jack marketers at Kenna Security. A tech marketing vet, she’s worked with names like Polycom, Hyperion, Taleo, and HPE. She loves marketing so much that in her spare time, she weighs in on best practices for SaaS companies for the Forbes Communications Council.

WHAT SHE REALLY DOES: Sometimes known as the chief t-shirt officer, but she really drives marketing strategy and execution to support Kenna’s growth.


WHY READ HER BLOG: Caroline has a long track record of building brands for high-profile companies and building high-impact marketing teams. Always willing to test out new ideas, she is constantly looking for the next trail to blaze.


ODD FACT: She can recite (ok, sing) all of the U.S. presidents in order. Which probably makes her the only person ever to sing the words “Rutherford B. Hayes!”

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