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Charles Coaxum
VP of Customer Experience
Charles wields ultimate power over all things customer experience. And this isn’t his first rodeo. His previous conquests include Oracle, AT&T, Demandbase and PBD Worldwide. In 14+ years of project and team management, he’s learned a thing or two, so buckle up.

WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Advocates for Kenna Security customers, sets (and resets) expectations, and translates engineering-speak into a language mere mortals can understand.


WHY READ HIS BLOG: You’ll find actionable and applicable takeaways for your business and team. Charles isn’t here to waste your time (or his) but to help you improve your performance.


ODD FACT: A movie aficionado, Charles can easily identify any city backdrop and or rogue continuity error. So if that cup moves from one scene to the next, watch out.

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8 Ways to Speed Time to Value in Vulnerability Management 

Every new Security and IT software investment comes with a brief honeymoon period — a few weeks where teams are learning the new system, and the application is rolled out to stakeholders. But before long, executives will be looking for a return on their investment. And that’s when one of the most important metrics in…

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Analyze Customer Data to Improve Your Customer Experience

John Sculley was a young marketing executive at Pepsi-Cola in the 1970s when he was tasked with knocking Pepsi’s perennial competitor, Coca-Cola, off its perch in the soft drink business. To achieve this, Sculley needed to gather customer data, though back then, it was an analog process. He sent researchers into consumers’ homes to track…

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Where Are Customer Success Organizations Falling Short?

The biggest room in the world, the saying goes, is the room for improvement. Customer Success (CS) managers know all about this. Serving customers is a mercurial pursuit, and today’s challenges are likely to be very different from yesterday’s. In previous blogs, I’ve shared a range of best practices aimed at helping CS teams deliver…

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Solving the API Puzzle the Right Way (Hint: Don’t Be Janky)

When it comes to optimizing your security solution, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are very likely to become your new BFF. You can rely on APIs to essentially supercharge your existing platform; in doing so, you’ll increase your ROI. The API ecosystem is vast, as are the many ways APIs are used in the security space….

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How COVID Has Reshaped Customer Success: The Good, the Bad, and the Promising

This past year has fundamentally changed the trajectory of business operations, including customer service and success. And the outlook promises even more change. When business travel ground to a halt and office commutes became extinct almost overnight, customer success teams suddenly feared the relationships they worked so hard to build would be in jeopardy.  But…

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How Security CX Teams Can Ensure CISOs Get What They Need

The unique requirements of Security teams don’t leave much room for guesswork. Theirs is a technical and precise business because the stakes are high and missteps can be costly, with breaches costing the average business $13 million in 2018. Security professionals, as a result, don’t have patience for people who think they know what they’re…

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