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Dan Mellinger
Senior Director of Corporate Communications
Ever-searching for the stories that data wants to tell, Dan is a weekly podcaster, constant social media poster, persistent pitchman, and occasional blogger.

WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Manages Kenna’s communications function, including PR, AR, SM, and a whole bunch of other acronyms that he refuses to clarify but insists are very important.


WHY READ HIS BLOG: From running PR for Alienware to communications for Fortinet, Dan loves immersing himself in highly complex technologies and finding the compelling stories to tell.


ODD FACT: Dan knows every line of Romeo & Juliet thanks to the “awesome” mid-90s movie. (Yeah, the one with Danes and DiCaprio. Just don’t ask.)

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Why Hasn’t Cybersecurity Been Automated?

In Security Science episode 14, I discuss with Ed Bellis, CTO, and CoFounder of Kenna Security, why the promise of automating cybersecurity has yet to be fully realized. Listen now.

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Measuring and Minimizing Exploitability

In episode 13 of Security Science, I discuss, with Jay Jacobs,  the eighth report in our multi-part dive into the Prioritization to Prediction research by Kenna Security and The Cyentia Institute. Prioritization to Prediction, Volume 8: Measuring and Minimizing Exploitability reveals that exploitability can be measured. And accurately measuring exploitability can help you minimize it….

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Kenna Named Information Security Vendor of the Year at OnCon 2021

June was a big month for Kenna Security, and it was capped off Tuesday night when we were announced as the inaugural Information Security Vendor of the Year winner at the virtual OnCon Icon Awards ceremony. This isn’t just limited to the U.S., but a worldwide honor and the first time they’ve added the information…

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Establishing Defender Advantage with Cyentia Institute

We tackle a hotly contested debate as old as cybersecurity itself: does releasing exploit code do more harm than good?

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How CIOs Get Things Done

We interview Collin Boyce, Chief Information Officer for the City of Tucson, Arizona and discuss his process of turning impossible ideas into real projects that achieve meaningful results.

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Vulnerability Disclosure and Responsible Exposure

We discuss and add some quantifiable data to a hot-button issue in the cybersecurity industry: responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and exploits.

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