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Gretha Loubser
Product Marketing Manager
Gretha’s team often relies on her keen eye and brutal honesty for making sure any material is air tight. She enjoys talking to other human beings and writing, which is why she's often authoring Kenna's Employee Spotlight blogs.

WHAT SHE REALLY DOES: Helps Kenna’s sales reps tell our story—an adventure-filled tale of protecting companies from security threats using the power of data-driven, risk-based vulnerability management.

WHY READ HER BLOG: Read the Employee Spotlights to get to know the talent and personalities behind Kenna’s technology.

ODD FACT: A self-proclaimed terrible swimmer. Well, not so much “swimming” as a mix of paddling and thrashing.

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Employee Spotlight: Crepes with Caleb Eckenwiler

We have a Slack channel here at Kenna called #kudos, and I can’t tell you how often I see Caleb Eckenwiler’s name pop up directly following a couple of plus signs (++). Caleb, a Customer Success Manager, has accumulated an arsenal of “kudos” points from the kennabot for many reasons: sharing helpful knowledge with teammates,…

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Founders Spotlight: Smoothies with Ed Bellis and Jeff Heuer 

Since the news broke about Cisco’s acquisition of Kenna Security in May, many more eyes shifted in our company’s direction. Naturally, we’ve piqued the interest of a lot of folks who want to know more about the company that laid the first bricks of the risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) market more than a decade ago—and…

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Employee Spotlight: Mojitos with Mike Sarazine

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Kenna’s Salesperson of the Year: Mike Sarazine!  When Mike—Regional Sales Director for North Central—was awarded this incredible distinction at Kenna’s 2021 Sales Kickoff earlier this year, it came as no surprise. When Mike joined Kenna, he hit the ground running, and the impact of his professionalism and commitment could be felt…

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Employee Spotlight: Vodka Tonic with Victor Aluko

After a whirlwind adventure from Nigeria to Europe, Senior software Engineer Victor Aluko has found his new home in Winnipeg, Canada—and, more importantly, at Kenna. Victor is a relative newcomer to the Kenna family but a shining example of the caliber of talent and character we look for in team members.  In early 2021, Victor…

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Employee Spotlight: Kebabs with Kris Schultz 

“Above and beyond” is a phrase used multiple times in the Crush IT award nominations for Kris Schultz, Kenna’s Director of Engineering. His work ethic, intelligence, passion, and concern for others make him a natural and exemplary leader within the company. And with qualities like these, it’s not surprising that Kris is the latest employee…

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Employee Spotlight: Beef Bourguignon with Blake Henderson

Intelligent, confident, bold, and quick-witted, Blake Henderson is a force to be reckoned with. As a Senior Support Engineer at Kenna Security, Blake’s impact on his colleagues and our customers over the last two years has been profound. So profound, in fact, that Blake won the Kenna Q3 Crush-IT award by a landslide, with glowing…

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