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Jeff Aboud

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Make Your Vulnerability Management Efforts Count

Enterprises of all sizes are inundated with more vulnerabilities than their teams can ever hope to remediate, so they need a way to prioritize which to fix first. Unfortunately, most use the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) to accomplish this task, adopting a vulnerability management (VM) strategy to fix all vulnerabilities that are scored seven…

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Gaining Visibility in an AppSec World

It’s no secret that application security professionals face an uphill battle as they attempt to influence development teams to remediate critical application vulnerabilities. But why is it such a seemingly insurmountable challenge? Obviously, the rush to release is a big part of it, since it drives most development teams to commit precious little time to…

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Learn How to Build a World-Class Application Security Program

Despite the growing importance of application security in organizations of all sizes, most face an increasing number of challenges to implement a strong application security program. Custom code, a growing number of open source libraries, and emerging technologies such as containers are complicating AppSec, making it difficult to keep pace—particularly for organizations that don’t have…

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Standard Vulnerability Management Isn’t Enough

There are dozens of vulnerability scanners on the market today. Their job is to do exactly what their name implies—scan your environment to find vulnerabilities. In fact, these vulnerability scanners are fantastic at doing just that—finding your vulnerabilities; unfortunately, they’re not able to then prioritize those vulnerabilities for you. Once you scan your environment to…

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Application Vulnerability Management Requires a Risk-based Approach

Application security teams face unique and often daunting challenges. It’s their job to protect the organization from application vulnerabilities that can lead to data breaches. Yet, with all of this accountability they have very little of the responsibility for remediating application vulnerabilities which translates into constantly being on the proverbial hot seat. They’re quickly blamed…

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With New Features, Kenna Security Continues to Raise the Bar

Successful vulnerability management takes more than just a technical understanding of cybersecurity. It requires that security professionals consider what they’re seeing in their environment in context—in light of the broader context of the outside world. By developing a keen understanding of everything around them, security professionals are able to make better, faster, more accurate decisions…

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