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Jeff Heuer
Chief of Design, Co-founder
Usability. Graphic design. Neural networks? Sure, why not? They’re all fair game in Jeff’s gigantic book of interests and expertise.

WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Jeff leads a group of user experience designers working to make the Kenna platform as easy to use and impactful as possible for our customers.

WHY READ HIS BLOG: With a unique perspective across product design, data science, and software engineering, Jeff weaves together the threads that power modern, data-driven security tools.

ODD FACT: A wizard in the kitchen—AKA a kitchen wizard.

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Vulnerability Threat Management 2.0

When it comes to managing your IT environment, there is often just too much to look at. As our Data Scientist Michael Roytman mentioned in his recent research paper, the biggest challenge isn’t finding security defects, but rather managing the mountain of data produced by security tools in order to fix what’s most important first. Well…

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Filtered Dashboards 2.0

We recently added new functionality to our filtered dashboard feature, which we think you’ll be excited about. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, our new filtering feature allows you to use custom tags to see different views of your vulnerability metrics on both the Analyst and Executive tabs of the dashboard. This empowers you…

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Introducing Real-Time Attack Data to Risk I/O

Today we are announcing the addition of real-time attack data to our Risk I/O vulnerability intelligence platform. With this addition, our vulnerability intelligence platform now offers smarter priority sorting based on real world data, giving insight into where attacks are most likely to occur. Using a processing engine, Risk I/O correlates live attack data from…

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Risk I/O’s Vulnerability SmartSearch Is Now Even Smarter

Our SmartSearch feature has gotten, well, even smarter. You already know that with SmartSearch you can choose many fields from many criteria at once, enabling you to filter down to only the vulnerabilities or assets you need. Well now you can save the SmartSearch(es) you perform on your vulnerabilities and assets in Risk I/O for…

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Power Search Your Way Through the Vulnerability Haystack

We’re pleased to announce a powerful new vulnerability search architecture for Risk I/O! Users can now search and filter their vulnerabilities more easily than ever before. The heart of this new functionality is a set of filters that can be mixed-and-matched to generate the specific query that meets your needs. Individual filters can be expanded…

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