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John Morin
Senior Customer Success Manager
John’s been helping businesses fortify their security efforts for the last decade. Not only does he guide customers to lower their risk profile and meet business objectives, but he also helps them work better as a team. John learns something from each one of our customers and he shares those insights here.

WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Helps customers meet their success objectives and maximize their use of Kenna solutions. From kickoff to deployment and beyond, John’s their go-to guy.


WHY READ HIS BLOG: His mind is a steel trap of best practices, deployment know-how, and power-user expertise.


ODD FACT: Was the varsity lacrosse captain at Curry College.

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John Morin, Customer Success Manager, Kenna Security Let’s face it, vulnerability management is challenging. Larger companies can have tens of thousands of assets and millions of vulnerabilities. Even if you rank which vulnerabilities to patch first using CVSS scores, where does it end? You patch 100 vulnerabilities—more get added to the list. My customer, Rohit…

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