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Lindsey Compton
Lindsey started off as a financial and trading professional and wouldn’t you know it, wound up a product manager with Kenna Security. When she says she has fun doing what she does, she’s not being sarcastic. She’s fueled by teamwork, coffee, and that energizing feeling of knowing she’s right where she should be.

WHAT SHE REALLY DOES: Has the best of both worlds by working closely with the Kenna Security’s engineering teams on the flagship product, Kenna.VM, and by partnering with happy customers.


WHY READ HER BLOG: She’s got expert insight into tackling hard problems, finding real solutions, and moving the ball forward with your team.


ODD FACT: Loves a good wager and anything is fair game. Favorite phrase is “Wanna bet?” Thank her trading days for that.

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Introducing SLAs for Vulnerability Management

Difficult tasks with arbitrary deadlines.  If you work in cybersecurity, difficult tasks are nothing new. But they’re made unpleasant, and even impossible when the deadlines to complete them are pulled out of thin air or worse, “this is the way we’ve always set them” mentalities.  Unfortunately, most of the service level agreements in the cybersecurity…

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