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Lora Rodstein
VP of Human Resources
Some say “HR” but others say “amatuer psychologist” or “people whisperer.” Whatever you call it, Lora puts the human in human resources. And since she’s an art enthusiast, ice cream connoisseur, and wine aficionado, HR conversations just got a lot more fun.

WHAT SHE REALLY DOES: Lora sets and implements strategic organizational policies that keep Kenna Security employees happy and successful. Her team helps power the wellbeing and productivity of the entire company. Save the holiday parties for Phyliss or Angela. 

WHY READ HER BLOG: After more than 20 years in HR, she’s seen it all. Lora prides herself on breaking stereotypes of “human resources” with a modern and realistic approach to organizational development. 

ODD FACT: Lora is a high-functioning introvert and trivia game champ, with an encyclopedic knowledge of David Sedaris books. And she speaks sarcasm fluently. 

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