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Monica White
VP of Product Marketing
Monica is passionate about bourbon and product marketing—in that order. She can sometimes finish telling a joke without laughing. Sometimes.

WHAT SHE REALLY DOES: Leads a team of creative product marketers who take the nerdy technical stuff and make it appealing to the masses. She loves people, which is very convenient because relationship building is a foundation of her job.

WHY READ HER BLOG: Monica has more than two decades of experience in cybersecurity and tells it like it is—with a dash of humour (she’s Canadian so that’s the correct spelling of humour).

ODD FACT: Quotes regularly from the wisdom that is Talladega Nights. (“If you ain’t first, you’re last!” and other timeless gems.)

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Cisco SecureX + Kenna Security: Taking Risk-Based Beyond Vulnerability Management

Environments and networks are growing in size, complexity, and connectivity. Enterprises need more tools to anticipate and identify threats, and to remediate the vulnerabilities that present the highest risk—all in the interest of protecting the organization’s business-critical data, assets, and users.  Scratch the surface of any network, though, and you’ll find a litany of challenges…

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Power Couple: Kenna’s Vulnerability Intel + ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Every once in a while, two things come together and create something new. Abbott and Costello. Johnny and June. Fred and Ginger. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Okay, okay—the world of vulnerability management (VM) may not be quite as glamorous as Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how…

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Why Data Integration Is the Oxygen of Modern Cybersecurity  

Security’s relationship with data? Let’s just say, it’s complicated.  The average enterprise maintains 45 different security tools. Not surprising: Powerful tools and services abound for securing various aspects of your IT infrastructure. Each has a job to do, and in doing that job, each tool generates a trove of data—asset inventories, vulnerability scan results, threat,…

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5 Cybersecurity Terms Everyone Should Know 

Cybersecurity is an emerging hot topic even among professionals who don’t work for either Security or IT. This is a change. For what had seemed like ever, cybersecurity woes were the sole concern of CISOs and their teams, as well as the IT professionals tasked with patching vulnerabilities throughout the enterprise. The typical enterprise stakeholder…

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Are Healthcare Workers the Most Cyber-aware of All?

A recent survey of 1,200 workers conducted by TalentLMS revealed some surprising trends in cybersecurity habits, hygiene, and awareness. Survey participants answered a simple seven-question quiz testing them on their ability to spot potential threats online and gathering intel on cyber habits and knowledge of best practices.  Across the board, the results were dismal. Yet…

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From Cloud Workloads to Endpoints, Kenna Security and VMware Are All About Lowering Risk

We know vulnerabilities can be found anywhere in an organization, and we also know that having a risk-based and prioritized approach to managing and mitigating those vulnerabilities is the only way to maintain a strong security posture. At Kenna, we have a clear goal to make the Kenna risk score and approach to risk-based vulnerability…

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