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Rick Ehrhart
API Evangelist
Have you heard the good news? Rick has descended on Kenna Security to enhance the platform API with his extensive know-how and to help support developers by providing complete, working code examples. He’s here to spread his message.

WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Rick attempts to keep engineering honest when it comes to API documentation so developers don’t have to ask too many questions.

WHY READ HIS BLOG: He speaks from experience. When Rick was a developer, he labored to learn the ins and outs of a company’s API set. To assist fellow developers, he shows how and why to use Kenna Security APIs.

ODD FACT: Rick was once a late night radio DJ. So don’t touch that dial.

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Risk Meter Vulnerabilities

I have discussed risk meter creation in a past blog; but what do you do with risk meters once they are created?  In the Kenna Security GUI, the risk meters have a score and are shown with a nice graphic. This score is created by looking at all the vulnerabilities of the assets associated with…

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Updating Users with Multiple Roles

Did you know that last month Kenna Security released a new feature, multiple roles per user?  What does this mean for Kenna’s User APIs?  Per Katie Kolon’s article, “Understanding Multiple Roles per User”, the following User APIs have been modified: List Users Show User Create User Update User As stated in the article, the changes…

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Automating Connector Runs

Automation is the one of the keys to a successful DevOps department. There are many workflow engines, like the one in Cisco’s SecureX. This blog discusses one way to automate launching connector runs. Why automate connector runs? One reason is because you will have vulnerability risk information at the same time each day. This provides…

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Automating Risk Meter Creation

In this morning’s email, you receive a request from your CSO for a report of the vulnerability risks per company site. The CEO wants to run a competition to see which IT site managers can reduce the vulnerability risk the most within the next month and then monitor the site risk over time. As the…

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Kenna Security API Postman Collection

A postman collection has been developed in Kenna Security’s All_Samples repository. This collection will assist you with using Kenna Security’s APIs in the Postman app. Postman is a powerful tool that lets you explore APIs. The new Kenna Security API Postman Collection gives you a jump start on your explorations by providing templates for many…

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Acquiring Vulnerabilities per Asset

As a security professional, you might want a list of vulnerabilities per asset under your purview to assess risk and begin the remediation process. With Kenna Security APIs, you’ll be able to extract the asset and its vulnerability data. This blog will demonstrate different strategies for different numbers of assets. As you might recall, the…

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