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Thoughtful perspectives on Modern Vulnerability Management.

Power Couple: Kenna’s Vulnerability Intel + ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Every once in a while, two things come together and create something new. Abbott and Costello. Johnny and June. Fred and Ginger. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
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Cybersecurity Best Practices

What Is Attack Surface Discovery—And Why Is It Important?

Attack surface discovery is the practice of identifying the information on all potential exploit points and knowing where your vulns exist.

Time and Again, We Are Reminded That Together Is Better

The past couple of years has taught us that challenges are becoming more complex, telemetry data more voluminous, vulns more prevalent.

How to Stay Safe Shopping This Cyber (crime) Monday

How to stay safe this Cyber Monday with a few best practices for staying safe while snagging online deals.
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Making the Business Case for Modern Vulnerability Management

To help get the ball rolling and shape the argument for modern vulnerability management, we've put together some resources to pull from. 
Cybersecurity Best Practices

How to Build a Cybersecurity Culture 

Investing time and energy into weaving in positive cybersecurity behavior and beliefs will only help limit attacker opportunities.  
Company News

Cisco SecureX + Kenna Security: Taking Risk-Based Beyond Vulnerability Management

Scratch the surface of any network, and you’ll find a litany of challenges and problems, which if left unaddressed can have consequences.

5 Things Every CIO Should Know About VM

Read this eBook to learn what a modern vulnerability management approach means to your IT operation. You discover how it helps CIOs like you create more efficient and effective teams while reducing your company’s overall risk profile.

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