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Thoughtful perspectives on Modern Vulnerability Management.

Introducing Kenna’s Vuln of the Month Series

Kenna Security’s research team is following closely a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Defender (CVE-2021-1647). Our research shows that CVE-2021-1647 meets most of the criteria we look for to be widely exploited.
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Vulnerability Management

8 Types of High-Risk Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are weak spots within your environment and your assets—weaknesses that open you up to potential threats and increased risk. A...
Vulnerability Management

Why Vulnerability Scores Can’t Be Looked at in a Vacuum

Sometimes a number is just a number. Context – the information and environment around the number – is what really matters. This concept holds especially true...
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The Flaw of Averages in Averaging Flaws

Dr. Sam Savage became well known when he coined a mainstream term for a concept stats nerds had been familiar with for a long time – the Flaw of Averages. Here’...
Trending Vulns

Introducing Kenna’s Vuln of the Month Series

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday, so we’re calling today Exploit Wednesday. And with that, today we launch a new monthly blog series from Kenna Security. We call...

How Security and IT Can Leverage the Secrets to CX Success

Here at Kenna Security, I spend my days ensuring my team helps our customers get the most from their investment in Kenna Security. I believe our dedicated...
Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Latkes with Lora Rodstein

One business function that has faced a uniquely challenging role to play during the last 12 months is Human Resources. At the helm of this function here at...

5 Things Every CIO Should Know About VM

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