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Thoughtful perspectives on Modern Vulnerability Management.

September Vuln of the Month: CVE-2021-28640

September’s Vuln of the Month is a vulnerability involving a favorite target of hackers: Adobe Reader software.
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Cybersecurity Best Practices

How Not To Let Your Supply Chain Leave You Vulnerable

When it comes to supply chain security, which is often overlooked, these best practices can help you protect you—and your partners.

Rules of Engagement for Successful Vendor-CISO Partnerships Part 2: The Don’ts

What should vendors avoid when helping cyber leaders evolve their security maturity across their organizations. 
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Scores and Risk Scores: What You Need to Know

In cybersecurity, a vulnerability score is a generic ranking assigned to any given vulnerability that conveys the relative urgency of that vulnerability.
Trending Vulns

September Vuln of the Month: CVE-2021-28640

CVE-2021-28640 is a Use After Free vuln affecting all known versions of Acrobat Reader DC, the Kenna Risk Score is 82 which is critical.
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

A CISO’s Guide to Making Vulnerability Management Matter to Your Board (Part 2)

You’re telling a story. Be sure to describe the journey, what it’s going to take from a cost and resource perspective to reach your goals.
Vulnerability Management

Buy vs. Build? 5 Considerations for Vulnerability Management 

No matter your budget, org size, or culture, you need to weigh the pros and cons of build versus buy and consider the following factors.

5 Things Every CIO Should Know About VM

Read this eBook to learn what a modern vulnerability management approach means to your IT operation. You discover how it helps CIOs like you create more efficient and effective teams while reducing your company’s overall risk profile.

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