BayThreat: From Shaman to Scientist

I recently gave an updated talk on my data driven security use case at BayThreat 2 in Mountain View. First off, thanks to Marisa Fagan and all the organizers, this year was even better than last. Also, apologies for not being able to stay for the entire weekend, alas duty called.

I have been making my rounds at various security events around the country attempting to evangelize a new school approach to information security. This is an approach where we rely more on data and evidence and less on the fear, uncertainty and doubt of the past. This talk continues to evolve and stay tuned for incorporation of hard data (yes – I’m practicing what I preach) in the next iteration.

There was a also a preview of BayThreat done on a recent RiskHose podcast. I spoke to Alex Hutton and I will likely participate in one of these next month. Perhaps we can do a quick summary of that event while I’m there.

The presentation is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.