Benchmark Your Vulnerability Density and Track Your Patch Health With Kenna.VM

Aug 11, 2022
Lindsey Compton

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Over the last few months, we’ve shared some exciting updates about new integrations with Cisco security technologies like SecureX and Secure Endpoint. Of course, we’ve also been busy at work making updates to Kenna.VM, our flagship infrastructure vulnerability management solution, and we’d like to take the chance to highlight two important updates: the inclusion of a vulnerability density benchmark and SLA adherence report on the homepage.  

Both new features focus on enabling organizations to better understand the progress and posture of their remediation efforts. 

Vulnerability Density Benchmarking 

In the fifth installation of our Prioritization To Prediction research series produced with our partners at the Cyentia Institute, we introduced the concept of vulnerability density. This metric measures the number of vulnerabilities that exist in an asset. The idea here is that the lower the density, the better. That’s not a hard and fast rule; higher density doesn’t necessarily mean you have worse security. It’s possible other factors are impacting density: the platform, the software, or the configuration. But on the whole, vulnerability density is a good indicator of the amount of existing security issues on an asset that you need to manage. 

In Kenna.VM, this measurement has now been operationalized in a way that allows our users to benchmark their vulnerability density against that of their industry peers (Figure 1). We consistently see customers in the position of needing to advocate for their vulnerability management program (and potentially expand their budget). The ability to see how many open high-risk vulnerabilities per asset are present relative to other companies in their industry gives customers evidence to support their case when speaking with internal stakeholders. 

Figure 1: The vulnerability density benchmark widget is available on the Kenna.VM homepage and compares the volume of open, high-risk vulnerabilities per asset over time to that of the user’s industry peers.  

The vulnerability density benchmark looks at open vulnerabilities that are high-risk (i.e. Kenna Risk Score between 67 and 100) and allows users to view benchmarking data across all assets or by priority buckets: low priority assets (asset priority 0-4), medium priority assets (asset priority 5-7), and critical assets (asset priority 8-10).  

For those familiar with Kenna.VM, you all know there are two existing benchmarking metrics already on the home page dash: the total risk score overtime and mean time to remediate. 

SLA Adherence Reports 

Another new widget users will see on the Kenna.VM homepage is a report on their adherence to service level agreements (SLAs). We understand that customers need to be able to track the progress of their patch management efforts, given that those efforts have a direct impact on your overall risk. To support this, we have added a new adherence report to the home page (Figure 2).  

Figure 2: The SLA adherence report on the Kenna Homepage displays the percentage of vulnerabilities that a customer has patched within the SLA in the last week.  

This chart shows the percentage of vulnerabilities that have been patched within the SLA in the last week. Users can select to view this report across all vulnerabilities or filter by vulnerability criticality of low, medium, or high. This report displays SLA adherence across the organization as a whole, and pairing this data with your organizational Risk Score allows you to better understand your overall risk posture. 

Both the SLA Adherence reports and vulnerability density benchmark are now accessible on the homepage for Kenna.VM users.  

To learn more about these updates and the Kenna.VM solution, schedule a demo today.  

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