Find Out How Your Vulnerability Management Ranks Against Your Peers

May 26, 2020
Jason Rolleston
Chief Product Officer

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Here at Kenna Security we hear it from our customers a lot. They want to know how their vulnerability management efforts compare to their peers. And it makes sense. Having a benchmark is a good place to start when you’re judging your program and its effectiveness (or how much it could improve). It’s also good information to take with you when reporting up to management because I can almost guarantee they’ll ask something to the tune of, “but how do we look relative to other organizations like us?” 

On the product team, we heard this request and responded when we released our Peer Benchmarking feature in Kenna.VM that allows customers to compare their security risk over time to others in their industry. We heard it and responded just last month when we released our new risk-based SLA feature that allows customers to set their remediation SLAs based on one of three criteria, including what peers are doing as well as what the leaders in their sector are doing. 

Now, in conjunction with our research team, we’re broadening the scope and offering vulnerability management insights to everyone with our new vulnerability management benchmarking online survey

Based on survey data we gathered in creating volume 4 of our Prioritization to Prediction research series, this tool takes the data we gathered then and allows anyone to answer a quick set of questions and see how their particular vulnerability management program ranks against the averages. 

The survey ranks you against your peers in:

  • Maturity & Performance
  • Team Structure
  • Remediation SLAs
  • Patch Deployment Methods
  • Prioritization Criteria

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know how your vulnerability management ranks against your others, I recommend you take this simple, quick survey today. 

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