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Breakthrough News from HoneyApps!

Jul 26, 2011
Andrea Bailiff-Gush

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You may remember in a recent blog post we mentioned that we would be changing the name of our core product from Conduit to Risk I/O. The team at HoneyApps is pleased to announce that as of today, we will be providing this product under the new name of Risk I/O [risk-eye-oh].

Why a name change? We know that our product allows you to spend less time and resources on vulnerability management. We also know that our product allows you to successfully close the window of exposure by fixing vulnerability issues at a much faster pace. We wanted a name that better conveys the real value created by our approach to vulnerability management, and the name Risk I/O was born!

With Risk I/O we are continuing to focus on what we do best — helping you uncover valuable insights into the security risks you face, driven by piles of input from all of your vulnerability management tools and services. Our input/output model allows you to detect and react to vulnerability risks even quicker.

With this new name comes a new Twitter account. All communications will also have a new look-and-feel as a result of this launch.

To celebrate our new name, we will be launching a monthly newsletterin August. This newsletter will keep you informed of all of our latest features, events, tips for power users, and more! It’s important to us that you aren’t receiving anything that you didn’t ask for, so we are offering a separate sign-up for the newsletter.

Despite our new name, the team that brought you Conduit isn’t changing or going away! We’re working harder than ever to bring you the best vulnerability management tool on the market. Stay tuned for some exciting new features we’ll be launching publicly in the next month!

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