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Cisco SecureX + Kenna Security: What It Means for You

Aug 4, 2021
Kenna Security

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If it seems as if the last couple of years have ushered in a proliferation of sophisticated cybercrime (and subsequently, cybersecurity measures), it’s only because it has. 

More companies are prioritizing security efforts to ensure resilience in the face of increasingly bold and crippling attacks. Against this backdrop of heightened threats, organizations are finding it harder to keep up. Ransomware attacks have become so overwhelming that cybersecurity giants like Mandiant are forced to turn victims away. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were forced to redefine their perimeters and brace themselves for an explosion of cyber assaults

Today’s reality is that companies must be prepared for virtually anything. And that creates a lot of work for security organizations as their IT environments and boundaries expand.

The problem is cybersecurity is a complex challenge, and unfortunately a lot of cybersecurity solutions can be just as complex. What’s needed is a way to make security operations simple, automated, and democratized. So no matter the complexity of your IT environment, and no matter how many threats may be targeting your organization, protecting it shouldn’t require advanced degrees in data science. 

That’s a big reason Cisco recently acquired Kenna Security. By combining Kenna’s acclaimed risk-based vulnerability management with SecureX, the platform that connects the industry’s broadest and most integrated security portfolio, organizations everywhere will be able to hunt down and assess threats, identify the vulnerabilities most likely to pose a risk to that organization, and give remediation teams clear guidance about what to fix first. 

In other words, Kenna takes something that’s very difficult for organizations to do on its own, and it makes it straightforward, automated, and accessible to all stakeholders. 

How SecureX and Kenna Security are better together

Historically, vulnerability management has been anything but simple. Forced to manage vulnerabilities using inflated CVSS scores, a lack of crucial context, and an inability to measure and report on risk reduction, traditional vulnerability management programs often put Security and IT teams at odds as they try to work through remediation lists based on unclear, sometimes capricious rationale.

Kenna’s answer to this was to pioneer a data-driven vulnerability management transformation, overlaying real-world threat intel, machine learning, and predictive analytics to isolate and prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities with the most impact. Kenna offloads the cumbersome task of determining which vulnerabilities are likely to be subject to a high-impact or costly exploit. 

Cisco SecureX will layer in additional capabilities by integrating enterprise security management solutions into one centralized location, giving teams a comprehensive way to break down silos, extend detection and response capabilities, and orchestrate and remediate with confidence. 

By integrating Kenna Security’s relentless prioritization and automation, SecureX will help organizations solve a notoriously difficult (and resource draining) piece of the security puzzle. 

For customers, a net positive

When pivotal moves like an acquisition occur, it’s common to wonder what it will all mean for customers. That one’s easy: It will make it possible for SecureX to enable comprehensive risk management to help teams make sense of too many alerts, too few resources, and lack of prioritization. 

For instance, customers will be able to generate prioritized lists of vulnerabilities, backed by real-world data, enhanced threat intelligence, and a baked-in understanding of the organization’s own risk tolerance.

Security and IT, SOC, and AppDev teams can act on these prioritized vuln lists quickly and make meaningful strides in lowering their risk profile 

Remediation workflows will be automated, sussing out areas to help teams lower their risk profile in as few moves as possible. Teams will know what to patch and when, saving them time, money, and resources while shrinking their organization’s attack surface.

And for current Kenna Security customers, the story is simple: All the risk-reducing, actionable insights you get from Kenna today aren’t going anywhere. The Kenna you love and trust will not just be there for you in the future; but with the integration of SecureX threat management, you’ll have even more powerful capabilities at your command.

Threat management and vulnerability management combined

Kenna Risk Scores give Security, IT, executives, board members and other stakeholders a clear way to assess the relative risk of a specific vulnerability, asset class, workgroup, or even the organization as a whole. It’s common for Kenna customers to use risk scores to generate healthy competition between remediation teams, which in turn helps establish a culture built around risk. Unlike basic risk scores found on other platforms, Kenna Risk Scores reflect an array of unique, high-value attributes, including comprehensive threat and vulnerability intel, advanced data science, and machine learning-driven prediction. 

All of this reflects Cisco’s determination to streamline and simplify security management through a highly integrated, open platform that brings together threat and vulnerability management.

For Security and IT organizations, the stakes have never been higher. Yet in the face of today’s increasingly complex and aggressive cybersecurity landscape, traditional vulnerability management is neither sustainable nor effective. Security and IT teams need to be empowered to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, reduce their attack surface, and make data-driven decisions faster. Together, Cisco SecureX and Kenna Security are making this possible for enterprises worldwide.

For more on the future of the Cisco SecureX platform and Kenna Security, check out the latest news

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