From Cloud Workloads to Endpoints, Kenna Security and VMware Are All About Lowering Risk

Aug 5, 2021
Monica White
VP of Product Marketing

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We know vulnerabilities can be found anywhere in an organization, and we also know that having a risk-based and prioritized approach to managing and mitigating those vulnerabilities is the only way to maintain a strong security posture.

At Kenna, we have a clear goal to make the Kenna risk score and approach to risk-based vulnerability management an industry standard when it comes to helping customers prioritize and assess the vulnerabilities impacting their infrastructure. That’s why today’s announcement is so exciting: Kenna Security’s risk-based vulnerability prioritization capabilities will now be part of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Vulnerability Management.

In a recent Future of Secure Remote Work Report, Cisco found that globally, companies experienced a rise in cybersecurity threats or alerts during the pandemic as malicious actors tried to take advantage of potential security gaps, including vulnerabilities. Sixty-one percent of respondents globally stated their organizations experienced a rise of 25% or more in cyber threats or alerts since the start of the pandemic.

We know cybercriminals are opportunistic, as evidenced by the uptick in attacks as workforces have dispersed. We also know that one of the best ways to secure data and infrastructures is to give those attackers fewer opportunities to do damage. That’s the essence of vulnerability management—to find, track and remediate the vulnerabilities throughout the corporate environment that give attackers a foothold.

Kenna Security’s work with VMware has always been about shutting down those opportunities for attacks. The partnership is focused on providing Kenna Security’s vulnerability assessment and risk scoring capabilities to customers.

This new module will combine VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Protection Platform with Kenna’s powerful vulnerability assessment technologies – extending Kenna’s powerful risk-based prioritization to VMware Carbon Black Cloud endpoint customers. Together with VMware, Kenna is bringing actionable vulnerability insights to customers, helping them prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities in their environment and improve their overall security posture in the face of constantly changing threats.

With these new capabilities, customers can see their vulnerability risk scores within the VMware Carbon Black Cloud console. The dashboard view will spotlight the riskiest vulnerabilities within the environment. Customers can also drill down to see a more detailed view of each vulnerability and associated assets.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud console showing vulnerabilities found across the organization, grouped by criticality.
VMware Carbon Black Cloud console showing vulnerabilities found across the organization, grouped by criticality.

Customers not only get a customized Kenna risk score for each vulnerability in their environment, but they can also see the rationale that explains the score—like whether or note that CVE is easily exploitable, if can be exploited by malware, or if it’s involved in an active internet breach. Users can also view related Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) information, and link to Knowledge Base articles, vendor links and more to inform patching and remediation actions.

View of the Kenna risk score and related information found within the VMware Carbon Black Cloud console.
View of the Kenna risk score and related information found within the VMware Carbon Black Cloud console.

Protecting more than your infrastructure

Kenna Security and VMware share a common goal of not only enabling our customers to protect their infrastructure, users and data, but of also helping security teams get the most from their security solutions–helping them maximize their security ROI by more efficiently managing the threats they are exposed to daily.

Find out more about the partnership and VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Protection here.

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