Kenna Security Named A Best Place to Work In Chicago

Mar 6, 2020
Lora Rodstein
VP of Human Resources

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If you’ve ever read one of our press releases, you’ll notice there’s one thing we mention all the time: Kenna Security is a great place to work.

We’ve won a bunch of awards for it, year after year

Today, we’re adding another notch to our belt. 

Crain’s Chicago just put us on their list. We’re honored because winners are chosen from a survey of our 70 Chicago-land employees. Thankfully, they think pretty highly of our culture and their workplace experiences. 

What makes us great? We are committed to providing an exceptional workplace where the most talented people in the market come to enjoy a thriving culture, work on interesting technologies and projects, contribute directly to the success of Kenna Security and grow their careers in meaningful ways.. We’ve got some pretty great perks too – like beer on tap, ClassPass memberships, game nights, and bring your dog to work Fridays. 

Treating our employees well has paid off. Kenna Security is growing. In 2019, both Deloitte and Inc. put us on lists as fast-growing companies. We secured a $48 million in series D funding, bringing our total raise to $98 million. HSBC went from a Kenna Security customer to an investor less than a year after adopting the Kenna Security Platform. 

We gave back to the larger cybersecurity community as well, launching the free, open Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS), an early warning system for cybersecurity that offers a weather-like forecast of the risk certain vulnerabilities pose. 

You can see a full list of our perks, plus some selected testimonials from our team here

Kenna Security sits at the intersection of cybersecurity and data science. That makes us a great fit for passionate people who want to make cybersecurity easier to manage. If that sounds like you, and you want to work for a great company, drop us a line.

And thanks again to all our employees who voted to make us one of Chicago’s Best Places to Work. 

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