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Enhanced Reporting Capabilities in Kenna: It’s All About Risk

Mar 9, 2016
Greg Howard

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We’re thrilled to announce our new reporting capabilities today. Kenna has always been an unparalleled platform for vulnerability prioritization–enabling security teams to identify their most critical vulnerabilities and take the right actions to help remediate them.

But with the introduction of our new reports, Kenna becomes something else: a security analytics platform that helps organizations measure, monitor, and track their overall exposure to risk. By helping direct the conversation along the lines of risk–as opposed to, say, the number of CVSS-ranked 8s, 9s, or 10s that exist in an environment–Kenna allows its customers to center the conversation around a single metric for risk that even the non-technical business person can understand.


Kenna’s new reporting enables you to:

Track your progress like a stock report. What was your highest and lowest risk score over time? What’s your exposure to risk right this second?

Measure Your Risk by Asset Group or Vulns. Look at associated risk in both asset groups and vulnerabilities–then immediately drill down to see what’s at the highest risk.

Track the vuln numbers that matter most. Even though Kenna keeps your focus on risk, it still gives you the vulnerability numbers that your stakeholders need–including total number of closed vulns, vulnerability aging, mean time to remediate, and more.

Know the work you have left to do. Kenna’s unique “fixes” feature tells you not only what vulnerabilities you have, but what patch will close them. You can report on the effectiveness of our Fixes by seeing how many you still need to implement and the number of CVEs affected by them.

Custom Ranges Take Snapshots of Risk. Track your progress in reducing risk using whatever date range you want. See how effective you’ve been in over time, and prove the impact of your teams’ remediation effort.


What are all these reports tracking?
Kenna takes your vulnerability scan data and integrates it with real-time exploit intelligence, using a patented algorithm that takes into account over 220 billion vulnerabilities processed daily.

From this data, we’re able to tell which of your assets are most at risk—based on active Internet breaches, popular targets, and easily exploitable vulnerabilities. We’re able to put a score on your groups of assets and let you know exactly which assets are most at risk of a breach.

The Kenna risk score is used and trusted by major Fortune 500 organizations; their CISOs use this reporting to report on risk to their boards. Kenna Reporting is data you can depend on—and offers an unmatched insight into your true risk posture that you can use to communicate to your entire organization.

Try it for yourself here.

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