Filtered Dashboards 2.0

We recently added new functionality to our filtered dashboard feature, which we think you’ll be excited about. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, our new filtering feature allows you to use custom tags to see different views of your vulnerability metrics on both the Analyst and Executive tabs of the dashboard. This empowers you to perform comparisons across your entire business and technology stack. With our recent improvements, you can now filter by multiple tags, giving you an even more specific view of your vulnerability metrics.

Simply select the desired tags from the drop-down list located above the dashboard. Your metrics will update in the dashboard below depending on the tags chosen.

Filter your dashboard by multiple custom fields to get a more specific view of your vulnerability metrics.

There’s no limit to the number of tags you can filter by, so you have the freedom to select as many tags as desired. Something to be aware of is that the filter uses “OR” logic when using multiple tags (i.e. if you filter by  “QA Team” and “Development,” the results will be tagged either “QA Team” or “Development”).

The field also now has autocomplete capabilities, making it easier to locate a custom tag from your list.

The filter feature now offers autocomplete functionality.

We will continue to expand this feature in order to give you even more insight into your security posture, so check back often!