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Free As In Beer!

Nov 16, 2011
Ed Bellis
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

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If you’ve been on our website lately, you may have noticed that our pricing page is looking a little different. We have recently restructured our pricing plans to allow organizations of all sizes—and with all kinds of budgets—to effectively manage and secure their data using Risk I/O. We are happy to announce that we’ve adopted a “freemium” pricing model for our plans for Risk I/O. We’re now able to offer you a Forever Free plan as well as additional premium plans!

Under this Forever Free, users with simpler needs can continue using Risk I/O at no cost. This is not a watered-down, 30-day “free trial” plan. This is a forever free plan, where users get full access to the tools necessary to centralize their organization’s vulnerability data across applications, networks, servers and databases and track each vulnerability through its lifecycle. If you’re interested in taking that first step towards a more secure organization, this plan is for you.

Our new plans offer the following features:

  • The “Forever Free” edition offers a throttled API and supports up to two connectors, five users, reporting, metrics and benchmarking in addition to an online support portal.
  • The Basic edition offers an open API and supports up to four connectors, 10 users, reporting, metrics and benchmarking in addition to 8×5 email support.
  • The Pro edition offers an open API and supports up to six connectors, 25 users, reporting, metrics and benchmarking in addition to 8×5 email support as well as phone-based support.
  • The Enterprise edition offers an open API and supports unlimited connectors and users, the ability to create custom reports, metrics, benchmarking, bug tracker integration, custom fields, 24/7 8×5 email support and phone-based support with additional features promised to be added soon.

Pricing for the premium plans start at $999, mo. All customers (“forever free” withstanding) will receive a 30-day free trial of their chosen plan.

Interested in how one of these new plans can help you manage and monitor your information assets? Get started now!

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