Get Ahead of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities With Kenna Security + Exodus Intelligence

Zero-days vulnerabilities are unknown vulnerabilities. The exact definition is that they are vulnerabilities that have not been released to the public. The problem is that attackers may discover zero-day vulnerabilities and try to make use of them before they are made known to everyone.

But what if you could mitigate or patch a zero-day before it was released to the public? What if you could incorporate zero-day vulnerabilities into your asset risk scores?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? To help you get ahead of zero-day vulnerabilities, Kenna Security has partnered with Exodus Intelligence, a company that specializes in finding those zero-days. Now you can leverage Kenna’s advanced risk-based vulnerability management platform with Exodus Intelligence’s zero-day vulnerability intelligence to get unparalleled visibility into which of your assets may have exposure to zero-day risk.

Leveraging Cyber Risk Context Technology™, the Kenna Security Platform combines a customer’s security data with 15+ exploit intelligence sources, 3+ billion managed vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry, and remediation intelligence to accurately track and measure real-world exploit activity across an enterprise’s global attack surface. Enriching this external and internal threat and vulnerability data with zero-day intelligence from Exodus Intelligence further enhances your security context, enabling you to assess zero-days along with the rest of your vulnerabilities.

Click here to see the Kenna Security + Exodus Intelligence joint solution brief for more details.