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Harnessing the 3 P’s of Customer Experience

Apr 7, 2021
Kenna Security

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SaaS is here to stay. Its success, helped along with the cost, deployment, and scalability advantages inherent in subscription models, and cemented further by soaring cloud solutions adoption throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. In this reality, software sales are no longer one-and-done transactions, and solid vendor-client relationships are paramount to both the vendor and customer’s success. 

To make SaaS relationships long-term, customers need a true partner. 

And this is the type of collaboration organizations—from small but growing businesses to large global enterprises—should expect as they transform their approach to vulnerability management, ultimately striving to lower business risk. 

The truth is, you can have the best vulnerability management solution, but without reliable and thorough guidance and support, you may not be successful. VM success demands stellar support.

In this on-demand webinar, hear Caleb Eckenwiler, Customer Success Manager, detail how to define a custom game plan for deployment and beyond. Learn how partnering with customers can achieve long-term success through:

  • Education and alignment around a risk-based approach to ensure success
  • Mapping unique, prescriptive roadmaps for each customer 
  • Collaborative project management that holds everyone accountable
  • Establishing a true partnership to help customers succeed long-term 
  • Creating healthy competition among remediation teams to reduce risk to the business

Watch Now. 

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