Have It Your Way

As I’m sure you know by now, we have been busy lately creating new enterprise features for Risk I/O. Just recently we released our new faceted search feature and added a powerful new vulnerability search architecture to Risk I/O, and our development team is showing no signs of slowing down! But we wanted to take a moment to tell you about our latest enterprise feature that we are very excited about.

As a company that manages the vulnerabilities within our own data, we know that there is more information you’d like tracked than what is provided by vulnerability assessment tools. Starting today, you will now have the ability to store additional information in each vulnerability via our new custom fields feature!

Previously you were only given data the tool stored about a vulnerability. With custom fields, you can now store your own metadata as well.

Want to assign a developer to a specific vulnerability? No problem. Want to make your team aware of an important date that relates to a vulnerability? That’s easy. The power is in the custom fields that you define. You determine a name, description and data type for each custom field. You also note whether faceted searches can be performed on the values of that custom field for reporting. Once defined, all users on your account can edit that field via a form that will appear on the Vulnerability Detail page. That data is then attached to a specific vulnerability and will appear with all information related to that vulnerability.

Custom fields are now available for our Enterprise Plan customers. If you’re interested in upgrading or trying out this new feature, go ahead and let us know.