How Cisco is Breathing New Life into National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Oct 12, 2022
Kenna Security

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The last two years ushered in an era of unpredictability few could have anticipated. The global pandemic fueled a rise in remote and hybrid work, increasing connectivity and blurring traditional perimeters, revealing weaknesses in security operations which threat actors have capitalized on. Meanwhile, global unrest plays out on the digital battlefield. Now, more than ever, organizations, workers, and communities should prioritize cybersecurity efforts to help safeguard their futures.   

As significant and meaningful as awareness efforts are, they can often be viewed as a somewhat stale attempt to urge the masses into caring about subjects that don’t hold much relevancy to the average person or the other extreme, hammer home the importance to people who are already bought in. So when National Cybersecurity Awareness Month kicked off at the start of the month, it garnered some annual eyerolls from security pundits who are tired of going through the motions.  

But Cisco is looking to change that. Alongside other industry leaders, Cisco is working to breathe new life into the month of October by defining an inclusive security future for all. Cisco recognizes that cybersecurity awareness isn’t just about ensuring your password has enough numbers and characters in it, it’s about building a foundation of healthy security hygiene and weaving in a robust cybersecurity stance into the fabric of business operations.  

3 ways Cisco is redefining National Cybersecurity Awareness  

1. Promoting cybersecurity careers and professional development  

A shortage of security talent is a significant stressor on the industry, and ultimately leaves organizations more vulnerable on the whole. Yet strong skillsets and innovative thinking are in high demand, especially as organizations ready themselves for an uncertain and threat-filled future. That’s why Cisco is stirring up interest for cybersecurity careers by participating in the See Yourself in Cyber campaign, headed by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA). Cisco is highlighting standout security professionals who made the leap from other fields or who worked their way up from first line support, to encourage people from all walks of life to consider a career in cybersecurity.   

But Cisco also recognizes the need to nurture the existing cybersecurity workforce. They’re making this happen by offering training opportunities, workshops, and additional resources to help professionals sharpen their skillsets and become more competitive in their field. The enterprise management leader is even hosting a training giveaway through the month of October. You can learn more and enter to win here 

2. Fighting rising ransomware with healthy security hygiene 

Ransomware remains one of the largest threats to organizational security. Helping to cultivate cross-departmental ownership and a sense of responsibility to safeguard the business and its critical assets is one way Cisco is helping companies secure environments everywhere. Cisco introduced the #ThinkB4UClick campaign in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to help hamper ransomware efforts in those regions.   

The security leader also developed helpful how-tos and guides packed with actionable advice and expert insight into building healthy cybersecurity practices into your day-to-day. Explore those here.   

3. Making cybersecurity accessible  

Not only does Cisco provide a wealth of easily digestible stories, webinars, and podcasts to help increase awareness and disperse critical knowledge, they’re also working to break down traditional barriers that used to silo cybersecurity concerns within the security department. Recognizing that cybersecurity is not just security’s priority, Cisco is working to build buy-in and cross-departmental participation for organizations around the world.   

But doing so takes out-of-the-box thinking. Cisco envisions an automated, democratized, and simplified security future, and that demands an inclusive and frictionless security environment so more people can participate regardless of their background or expertise. Kenna Security shares that vision, and since the 2021 acquisition of the risk-based vulnerability management leader, we’ve worked together to help build towards that future. In the works is the Cisco Security Cloud that will provide an open, tightly integrated security solution to increase visibility, break down data silos, anticipate threats, smooth out inefficiencies, and lay the groundwork for more resilient and flexible security operations.   

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month isn’t just about passwords—it’s about future-proofing  

Most people recognize that we’ve embarked on a new normal, one fraught with risk and unknown threats. And that traditional security beliefs and practices just won’t help organizations navigate this new and increasingly dangerous reality. Especially in the face of recent analyst predictions that provide a sobering glimpse into our not-too-distant future.   

This reality check helps beat back a reluctance to take this month seriously. Because it’s more than a month of spreading awareness, it’s about making a sustained and meaningful effort that will help your organization outmaneuver and outlast future threats.   

Learn more about National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and discover how you can take part.   

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