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How to Measure Vendor Performance and Effectiveness

Jan 27, 2022
Kenna Security

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There’s little doubt 2021 gave us some of the most significant security challenges witnessed to date. And it is fair to assume the stress and worry of what is ahead in 2022 sit heavily on the minds of most security professionals.   

With the increase of hybrid work, the spiraling impact of Logj4, talent resigning in droves, nation-state attacks dominating the news, growing concern over endpoint security—not to mention supply chain issues—this reality might prompt cyber leaders to hibernate and wistfully wish the year away.    

But hiding or running scared is not an option.    

Instead, the goal for CISOs and their teams is to secure their business with a prioritization remediation strategy within a comprehensive risk-based vulnerability management program (RBVM). 

Get Informed, Evaluate, and Compare  

Selecting the right RBVM partner to help secure your business is a daunting task; if done incorrectly, the wrong vendor choice could put leaders in the hot seat.   

Separating sales pitches and marketing from an actual offering and technology can be tedious. Research it long enough, and scanners or vulnerability prioritization tools all start sounding alike.  

Fortunately, our latest eBook: 7 Questions to Ask Every Vulnerability Management Vendor offers tips to help you understand how to measure and test a vendor’s performance and effectiveness. Think of it as an education tool to ease the process. 

Vulnerability and risk management boil down to making decisions about prioritization, resource allocation, risk tolerance, etc. Yet as scanners increasingly become a commodity offering, and fewer vulnerability data tools require authenticated scanning, the need for data-driven and measured decisions becomes paramount.   

That is not just the approach you want to take with RBVM—it should be the approach you take in choosing an RBVM vendor.  Your search for an optimal vulnerability management vendor should be thorough. Settling for anything less may leave you in the dark when it really matters.  

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