Why I’m Joining Kenna Security as Head of Research

Feb 14, 2018
Jonathan Cran

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Today, I’m proud to share that I’ve joined the Kenna Security team as the Head of Research. Kenna is pioneering the intersection of risk management and security analytics, and I’m thrilled to be joining Kenna’s already stellar team led by Karim Toubba and Ed Bellis while gaining the opportunity to work on such interesting problems.

Operationalizing intelligence to drive risk and vulnerability management decisions for defenders is a powerful motivator that drives the Kenna team. Vulnerabilities remain a common infection vector and a powerful lateral-movement tool for attackers in the enterprise, while phishing, credential theft, and ransomware infections are on the rise. Attack surface is growing at an ever-increasing rate in the modern stack, from the application layer down. There’s simply no silver-bullet solution; every new vulnerability increases risk, and security teams have precious little time and resources to keep up. And the last thing these teams should need to worry about is whether or not they’re working on the right thing.

Kenna is taking a new approach by building an intelligent platform with a vibrant ecosystem of security data providers, helping customers understand exposure of their assets in a way that was never possible before. Their focus on analytics and data science means defenders are able to focus on the most pressing risks rather than unnecessary details. A simple workflow means Security and IT teams work together instead of against one another – enabling better decisions and faster remediation. It’s elegant, its powerful, and it just plain works.

Over the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work on many aspects of the information security problem – first as a defender, then as a penetration tester, and later as a security product architect for companies like Rapid7 and Bugcrowd. Upon meeting the Kenna team, it became clear that our vision for the future was aligned, and that together we could help build that future. I’m excited for the challenge, and looking forward to working with Kenna to make a difference. If you have ideas or would like to chat, you can reach me anytime at @jcran, and please keep an eye on @kennasecurity and the Kenna Blog.

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