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Improving Your Vision Improves Your Security Resilience

Jul 26, 2022
Kenna Security

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As attack surfaces continue to swell, businesses are struggling to maintain control over increasing assets, endpoints, cloud adoption, and connectivity. Before 2020, the digital migration to the cloud moved at a more predictable clip, but the last two years have kicked it into overdrive—and security leaders everywhere are feeling the pinch.   

Last year, The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed nearly 400 IT and cybersecurity professionals across North America, and 67% said their attack surfaces have grown since the start of the global pandemic. The larger the digital surface, the faster the growth. 

This trend is wreaking havoc on companies of all kinds, leaving those at the helm questioning their ability to rein in the problem. A recent global Trend Micro survey revealed that 43% of IT and business decision-makers feel their digital attack surface is spiraling out of control.   

While these statistics are disheartening, the good news is security leaders aren’t in denial about blind spots on their attack surface. And even better, they’re taking steps to remove them.  

Gaining visibility helps you control your attack surface  

Securing these growing attack surfaces demands increased visibility to monitor your entire environment, including hybrid IT assets, third-party connections, remote worker devices, and any other point of connection (and exposure). Gaining visibility enables teams to unearth unusual behaviors, draw parallels, identify drivers, and uncover attacks faster. And since this challenge won’t slow down anytime soon, the ability to see more of your infrastructure will help quell the effects of a continuously expanding and increasingly complex environment and attack surface.   

But visibility isn’t simply a marketing talking point. It’s a real goal security leaders pin at the top of their wish lists. Seventeen percent of ESG survey respondents said gaining visibility into security control performance will boost their ability to effectively and efficiently manage their security assets.   

The idea of increasing visibility expands to granular insights as well. ESG also found that 28% of respondents recommend gaining insight into asset exploitability, exposure, and impact on critical systems to understand the underlying business risk. The effectiveness of your vulnerability management efforts hinges on your ability to see clearly.   

Increased visibility increases your security resilience   

Gaining granular visibility isn’t an easy task, and security leaders who are up to the challenge have a series of hurdles to contend with. But they know the payoff is great. More and more businesses around the globe are looking for effective ways to future-proof their security operations to withstand the shock of heightened threats and unknown change.   

Increased visibility is a handful of critical capabilities needed to realize security resilience. All five levers of security resilience go hand in hand and should be engaged simultaneously to realize the benefits of a resilient and secure environment.   

Analysts are also echoing the call for increased security resilience. Gartner recently revealed the group’s top eight cybersecurity predictions for the coming year, emphasizing the business need for organizational resilience, particularly when it comes to security. The analyst group believes that by 2025, 70% of CEOs will establish a culture of organizational resilience to weather through the tumultuous threat landscape, including cybercrime, weather events, and global unrest.   

And this starts with security. Security resilience helps support other business-critical pillars, including financial, operational, and supply chain investments, ensuring the entire business is safeguarded while navigating the next big threat.  

Set your sights on security resilience  

Growing attack surfaces are just another indication of massive, unpredictable changes pummeling infrastructures of all shapes and sizes. But there’s hope on the horizon. Another change is underway; there’s a fundamental shift unfolding in the security industry, characterized by a simplified, open, and resilient future. Defining this shift is Cisco.   

The Cisco Security Cloud will offer open, integrated, and intel-driven enterprise solutions to give you a 360° view of your environment, minimizing surprises and maximizing defenses. Cisco can help you build a foundation for better, more flexible security so you can see more of your environment, thwart attacks faster, and automate the minutia to establish powerful and efficient security operations, all without having to abandon your existing security investments.   

It’s difficult to predict how much attack surfaces will continue to grow (or by how many lightyears), but ensuring your ability to see more of your environment will help you anticipate and respond to any threats thrown your way and emerge stronger.   


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