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In 2022, We’ll Be Here for You

Dec 13, 2021
Charles Coaxum
VP of Customer Experience

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2021 will always be unforgettable for those of us at Kenna Security. We began the year by marking one decade as the industry’s risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM) pioneer.  It was a moment to look back on what Kenna had achieved and an opportunity to look forward to what would come.

What came, it turns out, was our biggest year yet. And now here we are, just a few months later, and we’re part of Cisco. Even more exciting: Our RBVM technology is becoming a core part of Cisco’s global effort to simplify and democratize security. Cisco will bring the benefits of Kenna’s risk-based prioritization, threat and vulnerability intelligence, and advanced data science to many more organizations worldwide.

As we close the books on this remarkable year, it’s important to stress what these changes mean for our customers and partners—the community that has kept us always striving to innovate—and even more importantly, to stress what isn’t changing.

Change is good; innovation is better

Cybersecurity professionals are accustomed to change; it’s the nature of the business. In fact, the very act of staying ahead of the next exploit means you have to adapt. This is a business that rewards agility and the best cybersecurity leaders are nothing if not agile.

It’s easy to see why. Attackers have at their disposal every tool in the world, whereas Security and IT teams must rely on what they’ve invested in. So those tools absolutely, positively must constantly move forward to address emerging threats. And the teams that implement and support those innovative solutions need to keep their game in top form.

That’s why our becoming a part of Cisco is so exciting—and why it’s good news for our customers and partners. We now have at our disposal more resources for support, a deeper bench for innovation, and a greater pool of investment to draw from as we work to help our customers get the most from their implementations. 

In the past few months, we’ve optimized our Customer Success and Support organizations to better align our resources with our customers’ needs. And we’re eyeing even more enhancements to our channel programs to enhance our partner ecosystem in ways that will help our channel partners meet the increasingly complicated challenges that all of us in cybersecurity face today.

Stronger than ever

All this means that we are stronger for becoming part of Cisco, and we’ll be even more committed to addressing the unique challenges of every customer. Everything our customers have come to love about Kenna remains very much intact. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Customer Support Engineers (CSEs), and implementation experts are all still hard at work and focused on making customers successful. And with 2021 coming to a close, every Kenna customer and partner can greet the new year with confidence that we’ll be here for you in the next year and beyond. That commitment is what continues to drive us forward.

To our customers and partners, let me just end the year by thanking you personally for being such an essential part of our community. We wouldn’t have gotten to this place without you. Your close collaboration with us has made all the difference, and your continued faith in our team and our vision will ensure that together, we’ll all stay agile and innovative throughout 2022 and beyond.

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