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Introducing Easy, Accessible, Relevant 0-Day Data — via Exodus

Feb 7, 2017
Greg Howard

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We’re thrilled to announce the go-live of our partnership with Exodus, giving us the ability to offer our customers premium access to 0-day data.

Many of our customers have sophisticated vulnerability management programs, and they care a great deal about fortifying their efforts with zero-day intelligence. However, zero-day information is extraordinarily difficult to integrate with internal assets and meta data, and internal teams to expend too many resources trying to apply the information to their own environments.

With Exodus as its new intelligence partner, Kenna now delivers unparalleled visibility into which of its customers’ systems may have exposure to 0-day risk – and it does so instantly, without tedious manual effort, through the Kenna platform’s ability to automate the correlation between their assets and external intelligence.

This simple, easy access into powerful 0-day insights ensures that Kenna customers have a “head start” in terms of knowing what 0-day vulnerabilities may affect their organization. And it makes their teams laser-focused and efficient since the 0-day information is completely pertinent to their own environments, based on their own assets and potential vulnerabilities

Here’s how it works:

  • 0-Day Intelligence from Exodus is integrated with the main Kenna dashboard.
  • Customers can filter their existing vulnerabilities using the 0-Day filter, instantly seeing which assets may be subject to 0-day vulnerabilities.
  • As is the case with all Kenna external intelligence, this data is automatically integrated with the customer’s assets – immediately demonstrating which vulnerabilities should be prioritized and remediated based on real-time context.
  • For each 0-day vulnerability discovered, patches are not yet available. Customers are encouraged to research the vulnerability via the Exodus website to identify how to mitigate the potential threat.
  • Where possible, Exodus provides information on how to modify customer deployments to mitigate the issue and often provides Snort Rules to allow for detection or prevention through network security appliances

How We Do It

Since Kenna already has our clients asset information based on their vulnerability scans – including what operating systems and applications are installed on those assets down to the version number – we are able to generate machine readable fingerprints of those applications and operating systems. We then monitor Exodus Intelligence feeds looking for zero days that affect those assets.

Because Kenna has this proprietary access to our customers scan data, only Kenna is able to correlate that data with 0-day intelligence in a way that’s immediately actionable and relevant for internal security teams.

Powerful Addition to Kenna Exploit Intelligence

The real difference between Kenna and other vulnerability management vendors is the richness and breadth of our exploit intelligence, and how our proprietary algorithm enables us to track the volume and velocity of real-time active and successful exploits. It’s this combination of elements that enables us to help customers prioritize vulnerabilities, as well as measure and monitor risk across their environments

Adding Exodus is another way our intelligence continues to deepen and become richer, while remaining hyper focused on being both easy to use and relevant for our customers.

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