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Jul 24, 2013
Ed Bellis
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

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As you may have read, the Risk I/O platform now correlates live Internet attack data with your vulnerabilities. As your vulnerabilities are processed, we append any vulnerability with additional data around attacks, threats, or exploits. Together, they help to identify where attacks are most likely to occur within your environment.

With the addition of this data, Risk I/O is now able to help you to better prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities. Risk I/O has used this data to create Quick Lists, a new feature available on our Vulnerabilities page.

Quick Lists are a set of facets that inform you of the vulnerabilities in your data that are putting you most at risk for a breach. Quick Lists are made up of the following facets:

  • Top Priority – Vulnerabilities listed in the most efficient way to reduce your risk.
  • Active Internet Attacks – Vulnerabilities with known attacks occurring right now.
  • Easily Exploitable – Vulnerabilities with known exploits.
  • Popular Targets – Vulnerabilities present in many environments including yours.

You can filter the vulnerabilities listed in your Vulnerability Table by facet. Simply select the facet and the results in the table will update.

The Top Priority filter identifies your highest priority vulnerabilities (those which will most improve your security posture if addressed). Although the vulnerabilities listed in each facet are determined by your vulnerability data (as well as the Internet attack data we append to each vulnerability), you can add vulnerabilities to the Top Priority list by flagging them.

In addition to the new Quick List feature, we are also introducing new pricing for our vulnerability intelligence platform. Our platform is now available for $1 a month per asset*, with volume discounts available. You can talk to the Risk I/O Sales Team regarding a quote or for more information. We will continue to offer a 30-day free trial of a complete version of our platform (with all features available). If you haven’t taken Risk I/O for a spin before, you can sign up right on our website.


*An asset is a server, IP address, router, app, or any other entity that a security scanner examines for vulnerabilities.

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