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Introducing the Risk Meter

Oct 8, 2013
Ed Bellis
Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

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You may have noticed we’ve been publishing a lot of information lately on what factors go into the likelihood of a successful exploit. Our presentation at BSidesLV and subsequent events touched on some of the work we’ve been doing based on our processing of over a million successful breaches we have observed across the internet. While this data continues to grow we’ve been able to glean some great insights into what factors matter most when making remediation decisions.

Our data-driven approach is leaving us pretty excited about our latest feature to hit Risk I/O, the Risk Meter. The Risk Meter takes a number of factors into account including: Exploit Analytics, Asset Prioritization, and Adjusted CVSS. Take a look at the Risk Meter FAQ for more information on rankings.

Because the Risk Meter is an asset-driven model, you’ll naturally find it in the Assets tab. As you apply filter and search criteria to your assets, the Risk Meter score will change to reflect the current group of assets you are viewing.

Want to see a patch report that reflects those assets and Risk Meter? Just click the patch report button directly beneath your meter.

Want to save the Risk Meter for that asset group to your dashboard? Click the save button and it will automatically save that group into your Risk Meter dashboard.

The Risk Meter dashboard gives your team and management a quick, at-a-glance view of your vulnerability and exploit risk across your business, categorized by what’s meaningful to you. Each Risk Meter in your dashboard will display your current real-time score as well as summarize each one with information on the number of vulnerabilities and assets, how many vulnerabilities are easily exploitable, how many are being observed as breaches in the wild, how many are popular targets, as well as the number that have been prioritized.

If you already have a Risk I/O account, feel free to check it out now in your Assets tab. Don’t have an account? Sign up for a free trial.

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