Kenna Katalyst is Back! You Should Join Us 

Sep 2, 2021
Kenna Security

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We’re excited to reignite Kenna Katalyst — a series of live, groundbreaking risk-based vulnerability management workshops that offer security leaders a high-value opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to lower cyber risk with significantly less effort.  

Join us in DallasAtlanta, or Chicago for one of our three-hour tutorials born from the inherent gap existing between our IT and Security teams. Our small, intimate interactive workshops are ideal for security professionals looking to take vulnerability management to the next level  to shape their organization’s risk posture efficiently and effectively.  

Why Attend

Each Kenna Katalyst workshop is designed to prep organizations with actionable, hands-on insights and best practices to implement risk-based vulnerability management the right way. This forum is a perfect meeting place for professionals who live and work on the front lines of cyber security. And ISC² members can earn three CPE credits. 

Plus, you’ll get to hear from such industry luminaries as Jay Jacobs and Ed Bellis while connecting with security and tech colleagues from your area.  

 Attendees will learn how to:  

  • Discover how risk-based vulnerability management can help your team fix the vulnerabilities that matter most. 
  • Get actionable, hands-on insights and best practices from accomplished security experts.  
  • Learn about what tools are needed to prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk. 
  • Understand all the hours risk-based VM can save organizations — while making them safer. 
  • Gain the ability to empower Security staff to focus on more strategic tasks. 
  • Receive real-world guidance from organizations already using risk-based vulnerability analysis to remediate vulnerabilities.

Participants will also be given a physical copy of Kenna Security-produced “How to Implement RBVM Best Practices” guidebook, and more.   

Space is limited so grab your spot today. We look forward to seeing you! 

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