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Kenna Security Makes Noise at RSAC

Mar 18, 2019
Kenna Security

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Last week, more than 40,000 security professionals packed the relatively small city of San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference (RSAC). As the largest security conference in the world, RSAC attracts security vendors, practitioners, and executives from all corners of the industry and, for a week, the security industry simultaneously seems so vast, yet so communal. But more importantly, it’s RSAC week that reminds me of how many different security challenges organizations face today, and the array of security data sources necessary to gain the context required to effectively prioritize what to remediate first.

Despite the hard work, long days, and general chaos that comes with a conference the size of RSAC, I honestly look forward to it each year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to talk with hundreds of customers who often share their stories about how Kenna Security helped them proactively reduce the cyber risk throughout their organization, as well as prospects who have more vulnerabilities than they can handle, and are frustrated by their inability to effectively prioritize their remediation efforts due to the fact that the data they get from their vulnerability scanners lacks the context to effectively determine risk.

Of course, the Kenna Security Platform was built to solve these exact challenges, so we had a particularly busy week! In addition to our continuously jam-packed booth on the show floor, we also:

Had two speaking sessions:

  • Michael Roytman, Chief Data Scientist at Kenna Security, co-presented a speaking session on the Etiology of Vulnerability Exploitation, along with Jay Jacobs, data scientist and co-founder of the Cyentia Institute. Michael and Jay highlighted a variety of vulnerability terms and frameworks and discussed what separates vulnerabilities in the space. Note: please join us to a webcast version of this information on April 11th at 10am.
  • Ed Bellis, Kenna Security Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, co-presented a speaking session on Applied Prediction: Using Forecasts to Get Proactive About Security, along with Wade Baker, data scientist and co-founder of the Cyentia Institute. Ed and Wade detailed the practical application of new predictive models and discussed findings from our recent research reports. Get the latest report here.

  • Threw one of the top parties at RSAC. More than 700 attendees joined us at the Virgin Hotel Tuesday night to network and enjoy delicious food, amazing drinks, and top-notch entertainment. A great time was had by all!
  • Engaged dozens of customers and analysts in private meetings at a nearby hotel, as well as at our San Francisco headquarters. We discussed our risk-based approach to vulnerability management, our proven data science algorithm to deliver accurate risk scores and automate remediation intelligence, our fully integrated application security prioritization capabilities, and how to use the industry’s first and only predictive technology to proactively manage risk.

So, while the Kenna Security team enjoyed a well-deserved weekend of rest following RSAC, we got right back to work on Monday morning to continue helping our customers effectively combat risk by prioritizing and proactively managing the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Didn’t make it to the Kenna booth at RSA? Schedule your own private demo today!

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