Kenna Security’s CEO Discusses ‘Why Can’t Organizations Patch Their Networks?’ With Task Force 7 Radio

Kenna Security’s CEO Karim Toubba was recently featured on Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio, where he discussed risk management and remediation with host George Rettas. During the interview, Karim shared why the root causes of so many breaches lead back to unpatched systems, and what actions security organizations should take when they learn they are vulnerable to the same types of attacks that they see affecting other companies in the news.

Karim also shared his thoughts on:

  • How companies should apply tactical and strategic risk strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities and understand their overall risk posture
  • The overall effectiveness of the most commonly employed tactics for mitigating known vulnerabilities
  • Why miscommunication across departments and teams leads to breaches
  • How speed and prioritizing are necessities when patching networks
  • Why security teams need to move beyond outdated and inefficient Excel sheets to manage risk
  • The relative efficacy of the most popular vulnerability scanning tools used in the marketplace


Listen here:

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