Kenna.VI: Handling Red Alerts at Warp Speed

Nov 5, 2020
John Alexander

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If you’ve worked in operational security handling vulnerability management, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in this situation. You’ve also seen it played out time and time again if you’ve worked for a company that sells a VM scanner.

You’re sitting in the Captain’s chair and the red lights start flashing. The next big “named” vulnerability is announced, the Admiral is on the line, your First Officer is working on answers for you, and your Comms officer is feverishly working on buying you some more time…

Sound familiar?

I can feel a collective nod as all of you who’ve worked on an operational security team have surely experienced this. It’s actually a very common occurrence. In fact, this happened to a customer of ours recently. They found themselves in a similar “all hands on deck” experience but what they didn’t realize is that we already had an answer to this problem. Once our sales team connected the dots and reached out with support, this customer fired up the Kenna solution the very next day. It’s called Kenna.VI, and it’s helping companies like yours handle red alerts (high profile vulnerabilities) at warp speed. 

The common pain point here is caused by the fact that VM scanners need vulnerability signatures to be able to detect vulnerabilities. At best, this can take hours, but more typically it takes a day or more to accomplish. For those super unlucky souls, it can take close to a week. there is usually that brief blind spot, where you may not be sure that you even have the vuln present in your environment, but all you have to go on is the open source data you can find on the Internet.

Or another typical scenario: Your VM assessment provider did an incredible job working overnight and only took 30 hours to create and test the virus signatures needed to scan for this vuln. You then confirm you have the signatures needed to initiate a scan, and two hours later, you have good data to work with. 

This is where Kenna.VI comes in. It has many uses, but where it really thrives in getting you valuable vulnerability data early. Sometimes, you won’t need this enhanced insight, but there are those times when it’s painful to wait for vuln information from your scanner. Kenna.VI proactively scores every CVE in the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) even if NIST hasn’t assigned a CVSS score for it yet. Even better, Kenna’s risk scores are predictive with a recorded 94% accuracy. And Kenna.VI is transparent meaning you can see the threat context data attached to the vulnerability.  

Finding yourself under attack is never fun, but that’s where Kenna.VI really shines. It’s an extra lifeline that can often mean the difference between victory or defeat. Kenna.VI gives you the critical, rich vulnerability information you need even before it hits your VM scanner. 

Add it to your arsenal.

Request a demo to see Kenna.VI in action. 

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