Know Where You Stand As a Security Defender

Jul 19, 2022
Kenna Security

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Like most security leaders, you’re doing many things right. But chances are, there’s still some room for improvement. (For instance: If you’re using spreadsheets for your fix list, jump immediately to the link below. There’s no time to waste!) And as the heightened threat landscape continues to pummel businesses without regard to size, industry, or funding, security teams need to do more to lock down their environments now than ever. 

Vulnerability management nirvana—yes, it’s a real thing 

The truth is, every defender stands somewhere along the path to achieving a fully optimized state where Security and IT are aligned around the vulnerabilities that present the most risk, with “next best action” lists informed by real-world threat and vulnerability intel and security and remediation teams are collaborating so well that they always remain ready to respond to what’s next.  

Sounds too good to be true? Then, answer five questions in our Defender Type Assessment. Tell us about your key vulnerability management challenges, how you address them today, and your security goals. Know Where You Stand As a Security Defender 

Once completed, you’ll discover exactly where you stand on your security journey, and you’ll receive a custom assessment with an action plan to help you attain the real-world benefits of risk-based vulnerability management: 

  • Communicate progress to execs and board members  
  • Consistently meet remediation SLAs   
  • Centralize and automate your vuln management  
  • Automate and optimize workflows 

Unlock your defender type and lower more risk 

What’s your Defender Type? Take our interactive assessment and find out today.  

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