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Yes, You Can Learn How to Predict Exploits 

Dec 7, 2021
Kenna Security

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In an ideal world, security teams would have the time and resources to apply a patch to every identified vulnerability before exploitation happens. But in truth, no organization can achieve 100% coverage.   

The real problem is Security teams need to prioritize their patch management strategy to ensure the most critical patches are applied before tackling the small stuff. Yet most patching strategies are arbitrary and ad-hoc, leaving high-risk vulnerabilities unaddressed while remediation teams chase vulns with little to no organizational threat. 

Staying ahead of the next threat requires effective prioritization. Since most vulnerabilities do not have observed exploits in the wild, organizations need an accurate system to understand the probability of exploitation.  

Stay Safe with the Right Tools

An effective exploit prediction strategy starts with using data-driven risk-based vulnerability management tools. Tune in to this on-demand webinar to hear Kenna’s own Michael Roytman and Jerry Gamblin unpack how to predict the next big exploit, taking you from theory to practice, past to present, and a look into the future —  all you need to secure your business. 

By watching, you’ll learn:  

  • Traditional methods once used to anticipate threats 
  • How to effectively and efficiently predict non-targeted attacks  
  • Predicting stacked vs. targeted attacks  
  • The future of exploit prediction and how data science is driving a risk-based future  
  • Why you need to plug into #ExploitWednesdays 


Earn one CPE credit through ISC² by viewing this on-demand webinar. 


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