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Level Up Risk Visibility with New Kenna.VI+ Updates

Nov 15, 2022
Kenna Security

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Kenna.VM Premier—the most robust tier of our risk-based vulnerability management platform—is live today!  

There are some exciting new features that are included in Premier, like zero-day intelligence from Cisco Talos and new remediation performance metrics. Premier will also include access to what our Kenna community will know as Kenna.VI+, our enhanced, real-world vulnerability intelligence available via a user interface (UI) and API.  

And on the topic of that UI, we’re pleased to share some updates. Before we send you off to read more about the Premier tier, let’s look at the recent additions to the Kenna.VI+ UI that our team has been working on for the last few months. These updates will help streamline your risk investigation and keep you informed as to how risks are evolving in the wild and within your environment.  

CVE Score History  

As emerging threat and exploit intelligence becomes available or changes, Kenna automatically updates the Kenna Risk Score for a given CVE. Historically, this score change information was available in the Kenna API, and now, we are excited to be able to offer this within Kenna.VI+ UI as well.  

For a given CVE, you will now be able to understand how the Kenna Risk Score changed over time so you can track changes that impact your risk level in your environment.  

Level Up Risk Visibility with New Kenna.VI+ Updates

Trending Vulnerabilities 

Understanding which vulnerabilities are trending from chatter increase, score increase, or highest velocity can help you stay aware of these vulnerabilities even if they aren’t present in your environment. 

The new Dashboard page within Kenna.VI+ allows you to filter the top vulnerabilities for each of the categories mentioned above as well as select your timeframe (today, this week, or this month). 

Level Up Risk Visibility with New Kenna.VI+ Updates

Remote Code Execution Facet 

We have added a new facet search filter for Remote Code Execution to allow you to quickly and easily filter vulnerabilities that match this criterion within the VI+ user interface. 

Level Up Risk Visibility with New Kenna.VI+ Updates

Vulnerability Chatter Graph & References 

For a given CVE, you can now track chatter over time as well as see links to any references that are discussing this CVE. 

Kenna.VM Premier Vulnerability Chatter Graph

Kenna.VI+ is now included with Kenna.VM Premier

Check out our entry on the Cisco Security blog, Kenna.VM Premier: Accelerating Vulnerability Management with Talos Intel and Remediation Analytics to learn more about the other new features included in the tier!  

Interested in learning more or seeing Kenna.VM Premier in action? Schedule a demo today. 

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