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Measuring What Matters with Cyentia Institute

Oct 21, 2020
Dan Mellinger

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We discuss the fourth report in our multi-part dive into the Prioritization to Prediction research series by Kenna Security and The Cyentia Institute. Prioritization to Prediction volume 4: Measuring What Matters In Remediation.

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Research Reports

Prioritization to Prediction Volume 4: Measuring What Matters in Remediation

Discovering the factors at play in successful vulnerability management is an extremely complex endeavor. The challenge lies in the sheer volume of interconnected factors at play: how should businesses measure success? what vulnerabilities should be prioritized? how quickly do patches need to be applied? how many vulnerabilities can be patched? does increasing budgets decrease risk?…

Vulnerability Management

11 Tips for Choosing a Vulnerability Management Solution

“These tips go to 11.” – Nigel Tufnel It can be daunting to choose between vulnerability management (VM) solutions when all vendors describe their offerings in very similar ways. So making the best choice for you means identifying what your organization needs, and ensuring the solutions you’re evaluating meet those needs. It’s safe to say…

Research Reports

Prioritization to Prediction Volume 3: Winning the Remediation Race

Vulnerability remediation efforts can often feel like a never-ending treadmill of patch and repeat. Are security and IT teams forever destined to play a game of vulnerability whack-a-mole in their efforts to defend their organization against an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape? How is progress measured? What does winning look like? Prioritization to Prediction, Volume 3:…


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