Moving to a Risk-Based Approach: Kenna’s New Funding​

Dec 8, 2016
Karim Toubba
Chief Executive Officer

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It’s been an exciting time at Kenna; we recently announced that we closed our Series B funding, a $15M round led by PeakSpan Capital.

It’s a milestone that means far less to me in regards to money than it does in regards to the validation of our perspective on security and risk. When Kenna first began this journey, our point-of-view was not particularly mainstream; we believed that “fixing all the things” was not a strategy SecOps and ITOps could ever achieve, and that it’s Risk that truly matters. We believed that being able to understand and act upon risk is a powerful way to increase efficacy across SecOps and IT Ops alike.

This wasn’t always a popular point of view. As hard as it is to imagine, people were very wedded to their spreadsheets, their process, and even playing the volume game. The idea of deliberately not fixing certain vulnerabilities, holes in apps, or misconfigurations in favor of focusing on the ones that posed the most critical threats simply did not register with certain teams.

However, a risk-based approach is now becoming standard wisdom. Recent analyst notes on the space have talked about the importance of a risk based view–even to the point of quoting Kenna’s original research on the topic! And we are honored to have an impressive number of the Fortune 500 now using Kenna’s platform.

We’re excited for the year ahead. With the new funding, we intend to expand our customer success and sales organizations, as well as accelerate our product roadmap in order to give our customers even more resources for measuring risk and driving remediation with confidence across their entire infrastructure.

And speaking of our roadmap, I’d like to give a particular thanks to our customers. It’s easy to buy a platform when a slew of major enterprise organizations are using it. But it’s a very different thing to be an early adopter of a platform that brings a new and unique way of looking at security across the organization. The Kenna platform enables security execs and board members to finally understand security risk, SecOps to prioritize the issues that increase efficacy, and ITOps to remediate with confidence. Our early customers were forward-thinking and understood the impact of Kenna, and they took a chance on us.

We look forward to continuing to repay that debt as we grow and expand our use case in exciting, innovative directions–in the very near future.

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