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Must-Attend Talks At Black Hat & DEF CON

Jul 30, 2019
Kenna Security

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It’s almost time for security summer camp. To clarify, this isn’t your regular, bug spray and marshmallow laden summer camp, this is the yearly outing that is Black Hat USA 2019, DEF CON 27, and BSides Las Vegas. And since it’s that time of year, our research team at Kenna Security is gearing up to give some presentations, attend some thought-provoking labs and talks, spend quality time with like-minded researchers and security pros, and have some fun! 

In case you’re still working out your own calendar, and/or you’d like to make sure you see Jerry, Ed, Jonathan or Michael while you’re there—here is a little information on both where you can find them speaking and some of the sessions that they, themselves, would most like to attend. Can’t make their sessions? Then swing by booth 1400 to meet the Kenna staff. 

Jerry Gamblin, Principal Security Engineer:

Speaking at: 

An Introduction To Application Security Threat Modeling

Saturday, August 10 1:30PM; AppSec Village

Looking forward to: 

Ed Bellis, CTO and Co-Founder: 

Speaking at: 

Let’s Get Real: Data-Derived Characteristics of Leading Vuln Management Programs

Thursday, August 8th 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM; Oceanside F

Looking forward to: 

Jonathan Cran, Head of Research:

Speaking at: 

This year Jonathan’s taking some time off of presenting, but if you’d like to chat all things threat research, keep an eye out for him at one of the talks below. 

Looking forward to: 

Michael Roytman, Chief Data Scientist: 

Speaking at: 

Predictive Vulnerability Scoring System

Thursday, August 8th 12:10 PM – 1:00 PM; South Seas CDF

“This talk, from our own Michael Roytman and Jay Jacobs of Cyentia, is perhaps the most exciting thing happening in vulnerability management today. Having seen a couple revisions of it now, the talk goes into the now well-established problems of CVSS and, importantly, details an open and repeatable path forward. If you’re in vulnerability management, this talk will change the way you work.” – Jonathan Cran

Looking forward to:

And that’s it. The sessions you can find our research team members speaking at and those where you may spot them in the crowd. Signing off and wishing you a great time at this year’s summer camp! 

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