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New Names. Same Awesome Security Technology.

May 5, 2020
Monica White
VP of Product Marketing

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Last week, we shared some exciting news that included updates to our existing risk-based vulnerability management product, two new connectors, as well as a brand new product that will help security teams stay proactive and informed about vulnerabilities in the wild. In that announcement, you may also have seen that our products are sporting some fresh new names: Kenna.VM (formerly Kenna Security Platform), Kenna.AppSec (formerly Application Risk Module), and Kenna.VI, our newest product. 

Our press release was chock-full of product details, so we thought we’d spend a few minutes discussing our decision to rename our products. 

Why did we change our product names?

When we speak with our customers, journalists, or analysts, there’s one thing that’s evident to us: people know Kenna. We are incredibly proud of our reputation in the industry—a reputation as a battle-tested, risk-based vulnerability management vendor. We believe that the name Kenna is synonymous with trust, innovation, and leadership, and we wanted that name to be the core part of every one of our products. That’s why each of our product names begins with Kenna. 

Needless to say, names like “the Kenna Security Platform,” “Application Risk Module,” or “Vulnerability Risk Module” are a bit cumbersome. Yes, some of them are descriptive. And it’s not uncommon for companies in the enterprise technology space to opt for names that tell the buyer exactly what the product does. Secure Enterprise Content Manager. Adaptive Full Disk Encrypter. Automated Service Desk. There’s value in describing what your product does, but it doesn’t always make it easy to remember. 

On the other hand, we’ve seen some companies go the opposite direction, adopting product names that are designed to “mix things up.” That often comes in the form of a brand new word altogether, but we just didn’t think “Kenna Blaze”—while it certainly sounds snappy—offered the meaning we want it to. 

Ultimately, we wanted to strike a balance and settle on product names that are fresh, easy, and meaningful at the same time. That’s when we decided to keep things simple. We opted for Kenna.VM to represent our vulnerability management product and Kenna.AppSec to represent our application security product. And with our newest product, we chose Kenna.VI, signaling its ability to give security teams the vulnerability intel they need to proactively stay ahead of threats. These are not just random letters, and our customers will know what they will get from the product.

Rest assured, though, that under these new names is the same reliable, powerful technology we’ve perfected over the last decade! If you’d like to check it out, sign up for a demo today. 

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