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New Zero-Day Exploit Intelligence – Introducing Exodus

Aug 1, 2016
Greg Howard

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One of Kenna’s primary differentiators is its use of external exploit intelligence. It’s that real-time context, informed by Kenna’s own proprietary, patented algorithm, which makes our customers’ vulnerability scan data tell a story. We’re able to provide a “headline news” of what’s happening in our customer’s environments and what threats they need to remediate quickly.

(And by the way, when you meet other organizations claiming to do what Kenna does, ask them to list out their exploit intelligence partners. All of them. And how they integrate that intelligence with your vulnerability scans. Then watch their faces go white as they stutter their way through an answer. It’s a fun game!)

Kenna is proud to introduce our new intelligence partner: Exodus. They deliver unparalleled zero-day data that’s unmatched in the industry.

We believe that Exodus has a unique view of the world; they share Kenna’s belief that it’s imperative to know which corners of your network houses vulnerabilities for which there are no current patches.

Addressing risks from zero days requires you to change your security practice to be faster than the rate of disclosure. It requires you to do research faster than MITRE or NVD and to correlate to assets based on imperfect data. Addressing zero day risks also requires the centralization of decision making. If you’re looking at a vulnerability scan and making decisions about it, then looking at a second scanner and making those same decisions about it, and then a third engineer looks at a threat intel feed and raises his hand – you are in disarray. Conversely, if all of your intel and vulnerability data is in one place, you can make and measure decisions about overall risk.

With Exodus, Kenna continues to offer its customers a detailed knowledge of unpatched vulnerabilities and helps them measure, monitor, and reduce their overall exposure to risk.

Within the Kenna platform, environments that are susceptible to Exodus’ Zero-Day vulnerabilities will be displayed in their primary dashboard, making it easy for users to take appropriate action. If they do experience an issue with a Zero-Day, users will be able to obtain extremely detailed reports and exploit details on the specific vulnerability from Exodus Intelligence.

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Learn more about Exodus Intelligence!

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