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Kenna Named Information Security Vendor of the Year at OnCon 2021

Jul 13, 2021
Dan Mellinger
Senior Director of Corporate Communications

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June was a big month for Kenna Security, and it was capped off Tuesday night when we were announced as the inaugural Information Security Vendor of the Year winner at the virtual OnCon Icon Awards ceremony. This isn’t just limited to the U.S., but a worldwide honor and the first time they’ve added the information security category.

News of the win came the same day that our acquisition by Cisco was completed, putting an exclamation mark on the end of the month.

Who voted us in

We emerged from a class of 50 finalists to win the award, which was determined by the votes of the public and our peers in the security field. Our win means even more knowing we secured the votes of customers, partners, and others following our work. The OnConferences team determined finalists based on applications and nominations, and voters were asked to choose a winner based on an organization’s exceptional products or services, strong contributions to the community through thought leadership, and innovation in the field. 

What comes next

As an industry leader, we’re always thinking about what’s next in the field of vulnerability management because our customers depend on us. We’ve spent time researching the most impactful trends and how companies can keep up with — even get ahead of — vulnerability remediation. 

In our latest report in conjunction with the Cyentia Institute, Prioritization to Prediction: Volume 7, we establish the defender advantage with a data-driven overview of some of the industry’s top concerns. The data comes from analyzing 6 billion vulnerabilities affecting more than 13,000 assets at more than 500 organizations.

Our research shows, for example, that releasing exploits before a patch can be administered is a harmful practice and the damage is quantifiable. We’ve found that the timeline of exploitation shifts an average of 98 days earlier when exploit code emerges before patches are released. 

This award and the acquisition are just the most recent signs that we’re changing the way companies think about vulnerability management, making life easier for security and IT, and reducing risk across businesses. And we’re just getting started.

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