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Feb 13, 2019
Rick Kramer
VP of Worldwide Sales

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Just a few weeks ago I headed off to Chicago—yes, into the polar vortex—to join my colleagues and friends at our yearly all-hands and sales kickoff for a week of learning, planning, celebrating. We talked a lot about how to further empower our partners to surge ahead by sharing the benefits of risk-based vulnerability management and intelligent remediation with their customers. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that we have enhanced our Kenna Security Partner Program (KSPP).

With analysts predicting that nearly one third of all enterprises will move to a risk-based approach to prioritization by 2022, our Kenna Security Partner Program will equip partners to introduce the Kenna Security Platform to their customers and prospects and to take advantage of this new high growth opportunity. As well as generating additional income it complements existing vulnerability management solutions, enabling our partners to continue to grow sales of their current solutions and services.

Who can benefit from partnership

At Kenna we are laser focused on developing the risk-based prioritization of vulnerabilities and as such we do not provide associated consultancy, professional, or add-on training services to our customers. This provides an excellent opportunity for our partner community to provide supporting services such as integrating Kenna into their own security solutions to generate additional revenue, or building comprehensive services around Kenna making it the cornerstone of new service offerings.

Why join?

Whether selling Kenna as a standalone solution, or as part of a broader service, we enable our partners to add more value to their existing solutions to win new customers, plus generate upsell and “stickiness” in their customer base. The Kenna platform appeals to organizations across geographies and industries and the KSSP offers partners many advantages, including:

  • A SaaS subscription model which promotes recurring annual revenue.
  • Scanner/data source agnostic technology that complements reseller’s existing technology choices.
  • Fast deployment and return on investment with over 40 connectors available today, and more to come, covering network and application vulnerabilities and more.
  • A purpose-built MSSP offering with white label options and volume based pricing.

Are you excited yet? I certainly am. With the Kenna Security Platform as part of the portfolio our partners can deliver more value to their customers, win new business, and create a range of recurring revenue opportunities. I can’t wait to get started!

To learn more about our partner program visit us online or contact your local channel sales director.


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